Access your folders from the taskbar..


Finding that you are using some applications and folders more than others? Having to trawl through the windows to get to these files can be time consuming. You can now access your files quickly from the taskbar – saving you time.  Follow the simple directions below;


Add folder to Taskbar;

Step 1: Right Click on an empty area of your Taskbar (The empty area between your Start Button and your System Tray).

Step 2: From the pop up menu, Click Toolbars.

Step 3: Now, Click New Toolbar.

Step 4: Once you click on new toolbar, a small window will open that allows you to pick the folder you wish to make a Toolbar. Here you can choose desktop or My Computer or My Documents or even a specific folder.

Step 5: Click Select Folder

Now the required toolbar appears at the bottom of the Taskbar just near the system tray.


Removing the Toolbar from Taskbar:

To remove the Toolbar from the Taskbar, right click the Toolbar, which will open the drop down menu, click the name of the Toolbar you wish to remove, the Toolbar is now removed from your Taskbar.