Undoubtedly two of the most popular platforms for cloud migration are Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).  As certified partners of both, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience across their product stack, and have managed numerous migrations.


For any business looking to migrate away from on premises hardware to cloud based cloud services, CF Systems have a robust and well defined process covering (amongst others), the areas below;


  • It’s impossible to run a successful migration without a full understanding of your current physical servers and each individual application that sits on them.  Our audit process enables us to quickly define this, along with the dependencies each application may have on others and their suitability for cloud migration.
  • Based on our audit, we’ll develop a plan for migrating each of your applications and services to the appropriate cloud platform.  Some of these may move across seamlessly and without change to the new cloud platform, others will require changes to design or code base in order to best run.
  • We will ensure that migration and cut over to cloud services happens to a strictly defined and mutually agreed plan and that disruption to the business is kept to an absolute minimum.
  • CF Systems will ensure that your new environment takes advantage of all the features that the chosen cloud platform offers, including sophisticated security features, robust backups and regular monitoring across key health and performance metrics.