KnowBe4 is a highly cost effective Security Awareness programme that not only provides excellent online training modules to ensure that your staff have the latest information, but also provides Phishing Security Tests (PST) that enable you to see who are your most “phish-prone” employees. KnowBe4 also tests for opening of attachments such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF.

The PSTs are email based, however the training also covers other critical potential areas of vulnerability including the risks around internet browsing such as Watering Hole Attacks, Malvertising and compromised search engine enquiries.

Using KnowBe4, CF Systems can help you simulate phishing attacks to your staff, assess how prone your business might be to this kind of attack and ensure that all staff have the best training.

Many small and medium sized businesses consider that they need not worry about this type of threat, believing that the cyber-criminals have fatter, richer opportunities.

However, we are seeing more and more instances of phishing scams aimed at the SMB sector, together with the disruption they can cause, and therefore strongly recommend that you prioritise staff awareness training to protect your business.

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