Working with our partners at KnowBe4 we can deliver a complete Phishing security test program for your business, recording and monitoring how Phish Prone your employees are. We can even benchmark your company’s stats against those of your peer group.

KnowBe4Our Phishing Reply Tracking allows you to track if a user replies to a simulated phishing email and can capture the information sent in the reply. You can also track links clicked by users as well as test and track if users are opening Office attachments and then enabling macros.

In case an employee falls for one of these simulated phishing attacks, you have several options for correction, including remedial online training. You can schedule one-shot, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly simulated phishing attacks and immediately see which employees fall for these social engineering attacks.

Knowbe4 is hugely powerful, easy to use and enables you to ensure that your staff, as well as your technology is providing your business with the most powerful protection against cyberthreat.