Microsoft 365 has a number of advantages over “conventional” Office applications when applied correctly in the right environment.


It enables mobility by allowing users to operate across multiple devices with data syncing seamlessly as they do so.  Users can update documents on any device at any time and changes will automatically be applied across all devices


365 updates automatically, meaning your Office apps will always be the latest version without having to worry about applying updates and patches.  The suite also gives you the ability to “flex” user numbers up or down as required.  So, for a growing, or seasonal business, it provides a level of flexibility that is almost impossible to achieve via more conventional, on site Office and Exchange type applications.


Given the merits of Microsoft 365, moving towards it from on site applications is a key IT initiative for many businesses and one which CF Systems have great experience of delivering against.  As with all migrations, delivering with a minimum of business disruption and without risk of loss or compromise of business critical data is a key challenge.


CF Systems have a team of certified Microsoft consultants with a wealth of experience in performing successful migrations to 365 along with access to dedicated technologies to ensure we deliver your migration on plan, on time and on budget.  As with all CF Systems services, we build a migration strategy and plan that is right for your business, we do not and will not force a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach on to you.

Please note that, as of April 21st 2020, Microsoft have renamed all their Office 365 products – please see our blog post.