Cyber-criminals are well aware that the human factor, the staff within a business, can be a critical vulnerability that allows them to infiltrate malware into the IT infrastructure.

The reasons for, and adherence to, IT policies is one issue that businesses should address. Policies can be seen as restrictive but if the case is explained and the consequences understood staff are more likely to operate in a more secure way.

Understanding the dangers of public wifi hotspots and appreciating the threats inherent with the use of social media, email, and web browsing all add to the security of the business.
The use of company devices is another area where staff training will reduce risk and contribute to the security of the business.

Email is the most common method for cyber-criminals to attempt to introduce the ever increasing quantity of malware. Phishing emails are a particular threat, apparently genuine emails that contain links or attachments that lead to malware being downloaded if they are opened.

The consequences of such an attack can be serious; leading to a temporary inability to trade, loss of critical data or the encryption of entire data structures.

CF Systems believes that policies and staff awareness training are an essential element of the IT security mix. We work with clients advising them on policy issues, helping train their staff on device management and implementing KnowBe4 staff awareness training to reduce the threat from phishing emails and other scams.