Windows 11

Those of you with an interest in things Microsoft related will no doubt have seen the news around Microsoft’s release of the Windows 11 Operating System.  The platform is an evolution of the current Windows 10 platform and is being touted as the next development in this product.  Windows 11 has a number of differences from 10, many of them aesthetic, but also including the build of Android apps into the Windows Store and closer Teams integration.

The question we’re being asked by many of our clients is whether they should be taking up the Microsoft offer to upgrade from Windows 10 to the latest version free of charge.

Our recommendation at this stage is simple – we are advising staying on Windows 10 for the immediate future.  The product is still officially supported by Microsoft (and will be until at least 2025) and the newness of Windows 11 means that there is still a degree of uncertainty around how it supports certain applications that may be used by your business.  For this reason, we recommend staying with Windows 10 whilst CF Systems, Microsoft, application providers and the global user community complete full testing and verification.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.