From individual IT services and solutions for business to tailored IT support packages, our experienced team of engineers can provide the advice, research, solution specification and implementation that will enable your IT infrastructure to support your business aims and keep your team productive.

We will assess your business process and make cost-effective proposals for “best in class” solutions. Working with industry leading vendors we ensure that our knowledge and training are always current and we take pride in providing our clients with the very latest IT services and solutions in a very fast moving industry.

IT Support


We have been providing IT support services to clients of all sizes across the south west for over 14 years. Working with customers in a wide variety of industries and professions we ensure continuity of service and proactive advice to help our clients to concentrate on their business’s and leave the support of the IT infrastructure to us.



Creating a virtual environment provides efficiencies and increased capabilities, either in conjunction with your existing physical infrastructure or as a replacement for it.

The benefits of virtualisation are many, including:

  • Faster system provisioning and deployment
  • Increased uptime and high availability
  • Reduced capital cost for additional physical hardware
  • Reduced energy costs by consolidating physical servers

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery


Making sure that your business can withstand disruption, be it as minor as a temporary power outage or as serious as fire or flood should be a number one priority.

We advise our clients on the risks that their business may be subject to, help them understand what the consequences would be and help them prepare Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans so that in the event they suffer any kind of operational disruption they can keep their business running until the problems are resolved.

Preparing policies, advising on staff training, providing the best solutions and even running bespoke disaster recovery centres we will make sure that your company is up and running regardless of any disasters.



IT is a fast moving industry. Businesses are often aware that they could be taking advantage of new and developing technologies or that they need to address IT security or maybe staff training issues – but, they may not have the in-house resource or the time to properly research the best way to go.

We provide Consultancy services for a wide range of technologies, methodologies and best practice that helps companies take advantage of IT developments, makes their business more efficient and helps them grow.


Cyber Security Training


We provide a range of training services, addressing the ever increasing cyber security threats that target businesses of all sizes.

The staff within a business are often represent a major vulnerability but if trained to be aware of the types of threat, the likely delivery methods and the consequences of cyber-attacks they will become an important element in your organisation’s cyber defence.

We deliver a range of cyber security training programmes that range from introductory awareness seminars for staff at all levels, bespoke sessions for particular departments, businesses or professional sectors and sessions for senior managers and owners to help them understand how their businesses are at risk and the steps they should take to improve their cyber security measures.

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