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  • HM Government Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2016

    This report details the state of cyber security in the UK in 2015.

  • HM Government Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017

    This report details the state of cyber security in the UK in 2016

  • Infographic summary of the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2016

    This infographic summarises the HM Government Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2016.

  • The Insider Threat: protecting the keys to the Kingdom

    2016 saw End-Users and Other General
    Employees (71.4%) and Executives and Managers (15.2%) as the
    most prevalent internal threat actors.

  • Kasperky Lab report - Financial Cyberthreats in 2016

    An overview of how the financial threat landscape evolves and how businesses of all sizes risk falling victim to financial cyber crime.

  • A GDPR summary

    GDPR will bring major changes to data security, learn more here.

  • Preparing for the GDPR

    This whitepaper gives a detailed look at some of the most important facets of the GDPR with insights into key approaches that you can take now to be prepared to comply with this new regulation.

  • Data Protection and the GDPR

    A quick guide on data protection and how to get GDPR compliant

  • Getting to the GDPR Finish Line

    A useful summary of essential actions along the road to GDPR compliance

  • Fighting Fit: running rings around GDPR compliance

    All personal data you control and
    manage – regardless of whether the
    processing takes place in the EU or not
    – will need to be processed fairly and
    transparently, with clear usage given to
    the data subjects

  • National Cyber Security Centre - White Paper: "Common cyber attacks: reducing the impact"

    The risk to information and computer assets from a broad spectrum of threats will impact on your business depending on your infrastructure vulnerabilities, the capabilities of attackers to exploit them and their motivation for attacking you.

  • A useful infographic from the National Cyber Security Centre: 10 Steps to Cyber Security

    An information risk regime is central to your organisation's cyber security strategy.

  • See how early detection minimises the impact of attacks

    Targeted attacks are now one of the most dangerous risks that businesses have to deal with.

  • Cyber crime guide for small and midsize businesses

    Find out how hackers can wreak havoc on your business and learn what you can do to protect yourself.

  • Cybercrime: understanding the online business model

    Understand how online organised crime works with this excellent White Paper from the National Cyber Security Centre

  • Cyber Security infographic

    This infographic details how US businesses suffer multiple cyber security attacks.

  • Understanding the depth of the global Ransomware Problem

    An in-depth study of the rise of ransomware and the consequences.

  • The Global impact of Ransomware on Businesses

    An infographic detailing how ransomware can harm your business.

  • How to avoid falling prey to ransomware

    Understand how ransomware works and protect your business

  • Tips for avoiding ransomware

    Ransomware continues to be a major threat, review these fundamental tasks to help protect your business.

  • How to protect your Business from Ransomware

    Don't let your business be held hostage.

  • Keep Ransomware from Scratching at Your Door

    Ransomware and midsize Businesses

  • Protect your Business from Malvertising and Ransomware

    Some interesting statistics about two of the most significant threats to your business.

  • Ransomware best practices

    Prevent Ransomware attacks by adopting these three simple habits

  • Could your business survive a cryptor?

    "Despite the increase in ransomware attacks, a recent survey found that
    only 40% of companies consider ransomware to be a serious danger.
    Obviously, this attitude can lead to security weaknesses that can
    be exploited by cybercriminals."

  • Malwarebytes breach remediation

    Learn more about a next generation advanced threat detection and remediation platform for small to large businesses.

  • State of Malware 2017

    This infographic summarises cyber attacks in 2016.

  • 2017 State of Malware Report by Malwarebytes

    Cyber attacks and cyber security in 2016.

  • Organisations should make sure that their Wi-Fi is secure

    Organisations that fail to properly secure their wireless networks expose their customers, partners and staff to many risks.

  • 5 reasons to move to authentication as a service

    Authentication as a Service automates everything reducing the time and cost of provisioning, administration, and management of users and tokens.

  • How to avoid PUPs infographic

    All you need to know about PUPs.