Meet the team

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Meet the team

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Technical team

Sam Beckerleg

I have built up many years of experience working within IT support both for in-house and managed IT services providers and hopefully this can help me make the CF Systems Technical Team even stronger. I am very pleased to have joined CF Systems where I can develop my career, learn new technologies and help provide outstanding IT support for multiple businesses in the South West and beyond.

Working at CF Systems is challenging and very varied , everyone has a passion to provide the best IT support that they possibly can and I look forward to developing my career in the coming years using the experience I am gaining working with our client base.

Sammy-Jo Bray

I am very proud to have joined the family business. Although I can only work one day a week due to my college commitments, I really enjoy being part of the team.

Steve Busby

I’ve been interested in computing since a very young age when I got my first Spectrum and tape deck. Over the years I’ve gathered experience in a range of IT roles from development to support. I’m excited to bring all that I’ve learned to the CF Systems family and continuing to evolve my skills in my new role.

Ben Cwilewicz

After 15 years running in house IT for a software company, CF Systems offered me the chance to grow my skill, and gain knowledge of, and qualifications, in a substantially more varied technology base.

Working with the great team at CF Systems allows me to satisfy my thirst to learn and use new technology while offering different challenges every hour. At the end of the day I go home with the satisfaction of knowing that I have made a difference to someone by resolving their issues or guiding them through their technology.

Neil Dave

My interest in computers was first sparked while I was still at school, this continued when I studied Computer Engineering at Cornwall college. I then embarked upon a successful career with a large national retail chain where I progressed to the position of Customer Services Manager. Upon returning to IT I now have considerable experience in corporate environments including multi-national cloud based infrastructures.

Joining CF Systems will allow me to combine my customer service experience with my passion for IT to exceed our customers expectations while learning from this experienced team.

Stephen Deeley

Before I came to CF Systems I spent 17 years working for a local software company. I started on the support desk and then went on to manage the desk for a number of years before being asked to set up and manage the Installations department and looking after the in house IT.

Joining CF Systems has given me a fantastic opportunity to become part of a long standing family business. I can put my experience and customer service skills to good use, which is at the heart of everything that we do here.

Vicki Lawrence

“IT is traditionally a very male-oriented industry. Whilst it’s challenging to be a woman in that environment it’s a challenge that I enjoy hugely.

“After serving as an IT engineer at a school I joined CF Systems to gain a broader knowledge base. The level of expertise here is staggering and everybody genuinely cares about our clients and the service they receive. There’s a real sense of community here.”

Andy McIntosh

“CF Systems offered me the opportunity to put my Microsoft and Comptia qualifications to good use by offering me a position working on the CF Systems support desk.

“Since joining the company I have been allowed to grow as a technician and increase my qualifications becoming qualified in various technologies including VMware, 3CX, Watchguard and keeping up to date with the latest Microsoft certifications. These qualifications have allowed me to be involved in exciting projects including Virtualization solutions , major network upgrades and Server installs to name but a few.

“Everyday life at CF Systems brings new challenges, experiences and exposure to the latest technologies and the chance to use my rapidly expanding knowledge to assist people.”

Sean O'Sullivan

“I spent 25 years in the Cornwall Fire Service before joining CF Systems but I’ve always had an interest in hardware and was pleased to get the chance to take on a practical role here.

“I really enjoy the attention to detail that my job requires and feel that I’m able to deliver on that well. This really is an extended family business – I get a lot out of the fact that there’s a collective responsibility and huge pride all round when things go well.”

Andrew Starling

“I spent nine years working as an in-house IT Support Technician for a charity. Here at CF Systems, I enjoy the variety that working for a range of clients brings.

“We work for clients across a number of sectors but we go that extra mile to understand each one and how they operate – and I think that’s what makes us stand out from the crowd. It helps us to understand their issues and diagnose the right solutions quickly and efficiently.”

Teri Whittaker

Before joining CF Systems, I was the Customer Experience Team Supervisor for a UK market leading Software Company for seven years. I strive to deliver excellent customer service at all times, in everything I do. I am pleased that I am able to bring this ethos with me to CF Systems as they also share my passion for excellent customer service.

Working at CF Systems I’ve finally found a niche where I can put all of my skills and experience to good use helping the team to continue to deliver exceptional service delivery.

Sales, customer service & marketing

Martin Dinham

I come to CF systems with over 15 years of sales and sales management roles within the software, web and digital marketing sectors, working with all sizes of clients ranging from the likes of Argos, TheO2 and JP Morgan through to numerous small businesses within Cornwall. My role within CF Systems is to spread the message about the quality of our Managed Service Provision and Cybersecurity expertise and I’m really excited about being part of such a technically strong and customer service focused team.

Sara Nicholas

Having graduated from Falmouth University with a First-class degree in English in 2014, I have quickly found myself naturally drawn to administrative roles where I can provide office-based support to businesses and customers.

Working as part of the Sales team, it is my responsibility to work alongside our Support desk in order to meet our customers’ needs quickly and efficiently. Whilst I thrive on maintaining the day-to-day administrative processes which are at the core of our business, it is the relationship we have with our customers that I find most inspiring. Everyone at CF Systems cares deeply about making sure that our clients feel valued and satisfied, and it is great to be a part of that.


Ruth Harris

One of my main responsibilities of my role in procurement and finance is to ensure all necessary hardware, software, licenses, etc are received in a timely manner, so that all scheduled jobs have the necessary parts ahead of time.

My previous background in the hospitality industry means that customer service is high on my list of priorities and it is great to work for a company that views their customers with the same level of importance. There’s a real family atmosphere here at CF Systems and, being a relative newcomer, I have been made to feel very welcome by everyone.

Michelle Matthews

“Working at CF Systems really does feel like being part of a family. My role is in admin and accounts, important functions for both the company and our customers.

“The people here are very committed to what they do and the systems in place make everybody’s jobs easier. The level of technical support on offer is eye-opening and it’s clear that customer care is the number one priority for everybody in the company.”


Ken Bray

“I came on board with CF Systems in 2003 to oversee the financial direction of the company. Watching Graham go from an initial interest in computing, to hours and hours of studying for his Microsoft exams through to building the business up to where it is today has filled me with pride. It gives me great joy to see my son’s enthusiasm for the work he does and how he generates a desire in all members of staff to see a job done well. Everybody here has a personal investment in the work they do; they believe in what they’re doing and always strive to give the client the best possible service.”

Graham Bray

“My interest in IT stemmed from an urge to learn how to make computers do what I wanted them to do rather than the other way around. I’m driven by the need to perfect the business and I’m particularly fixated with customer service.

“There are plenty of companies out there with staff who are technically good but don’t know how to relate to their client’s real needs. With CF Systems, each and every member of staff has the opportunity to show how much we care.

“Whether a client is spending £20 or £20,000 with us, they’ll receive the same level of service. That’s why it’s so important to me to build the right team and it’s why our staff don’t necessarily need to have a background in IT. I can teach technical skills but I can’t teach the personal attributes that we prize so highly.

“Anybody who comes here with the right values and ethics in place can become part of the CF Systems family and go far. To that end I’m absolutely delighted with the team we’ve built.”

Tina Bray

“Customer service is a high priority for us at CF Systems but we also place a high level of importance on ensuring our own staff are happy. Everybody here feels valued and that they’re part of a family. It’s really important to us that each member of staff knows that they can come and talk to somebody if they ever need to.

“It’s an exciting – and challenging – time for the company as we’ve expanded and gone through some recent changes but we’re keen to move with the times.”

Darren Dixon

“I’ve always had a keen interest in computing and have a wealth of experience in IT roles for a range of companies, big and small.

“CF Systems is a very forward-thinking company, there’s a real family environment here and working with clients in so many different sectors offers an enjoyable business challenge. Customer care really is at the forefront of what we do.”